Spruce Up Your Look with New Glasses

Moving out of a pandemic can inspire us to travel, see friends and family and visit the world at large. One thing that doesn't change from year to year is your ability to see the world through your own eyes. What better way to celebrate your vision than with a new set of eyeglasses? Spruce up your look and reaffirm your sense of personal style. We'll help. 

You First, Trends Second
When choosing new frames for your glasses, you don't have to know what is stylish now. The best way to feel comfortable every day is to choose a style that feels like you. Trends aside, if you feel great when you put your glasses on, you chose the right pair. Need a starting point for inspiration? VSP offers an eyeglass style quiz to help you start finding a set of frames that fit your personality. 

Look Younger - If You Want To
There are many articles online on how to "look 20 years younger by picking the right glasses," plus some that even try to offer advice on how to not look "old." Our thoughts? Feel empowered to embrace the fact that you are YOUR age - no need to try to look decades younger. And who knows? Maybe you were a bit shy in your younger years, and right now is the perfect time to announce your style without saying a word. 

Frame Basics for Everyone
Choosing a frame shape that will accommodate your prescription is important - especially if you have progressive or other specialty lenses. Small frames and lenses are not the best choice if you need a large field of vision for activities or driving.

Here are three basic eyeglass frame tips that hold true for anyone wanting eyeglasses that can show off your personality while taking care of your vision needs:
  • Darker frames look great with grey or white hair, says Eyeconic. The dark/light contrast tends to be visually appealing, whether the frames are black, a deep charcoal grey, or a bold blue (a stylish choice for grey hair). Frames with brown tones, however, may be too warm against silver hair, so do a mirror check with both. Steer clear of clear or silver frames that can emphasize your grey hair color.
  • Oversized frames are great for a few reasons. Oversized frames accommodate a wide field of vision, and they can make your face look more youthful. Note that just grabbing any huge pair of eyeglasses isn't the best strategy. You should still size your frames correctly for your head - consult with your vision specialist.
  • Colors could appear more dramatic. You could also use this knowledge to your advantage, by deliberately selecting a vibrant frame - there's nothing wrong with making a strong choice. Note: If you choose bold colors, make sure the shade works with your skin tone.

Finalizing Your Style Choice

When you're getting close to a style you like, one of the best (and most fun) ways to select the winner is to ask your friends. Take a friend with you while eyeglass shopping or have a few friends "on call" to receive some photos of you trying on different frames that you like. They can vote for their favorite, helping you make your choice. This strategy might identify a style that you like but feel slightly timid about. It could turn out that your hunch is correct OR that you should take the leap and feel confident.

Ready for the next step?

If you're ready to upgrade your eyeglasses while keeping sight of your eye health, we have you covered. Give us a call and make that appointment today. 

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